Reserve Your Space

While you don't have to reserve a space, those coming from long distances or for a triple feature might prefer it.

 IMPORTANT: If reservations are "off line," this doesn't mean we are sold out. There are 400 spaces of  which only 125 can be reserved. 

Make a Reservation

There is a six-foot maximum vehicle height including hatch height when open. Reservations are for parking spaces only; admission is extra and will be charged at the Ticket Booth. Tickets/Seats refer to a Space.

When looking at the Drive-In reservation map, spaces (white dots) can be reserved. Areas where there are no spaces indicated are open to anyone on a first-come, first-served basis. Gray spaces have already been reserved. If at 4 PM there are spaces that have not been reserved, these are available to anyone on a first-come, first-served basis. The last row in yellow cannot be reserved and is open to anyone. If your vehicle height is taller than 6 feet, this is an ideal location to park with a perfect view of the movie screen.

Please bring your ticket confirmation with you. Due to long lines, we recommend you arrive at least 20 minutes before show time. No refunds once a space has been reserved. Reservation deadline is approximately 4 PM but may vary on busy nights.

Problems? Please call (717) 776-5212 and leave a message. (There is a very long pause before you can leave a message.)