Kidz Corner

Parents, day care centers, schools, church groups choose Midway Skating Center for just plain fun or a rainy day activity because --

Skate Mates help younger children learn to skate without falling.

  • Open all year round
  • Great last minute plan when weather ruins outside play or activity
  • Affordable, healthy fun for kids of all ages
  • Trips or family fun never get rained out!
  • Field Trips: Inexpensive packages with or without food included.
  • School Rewards: Offer free passes to children on the honor roll or with perfect attendance.
  • Youth Programs: Incorporate skating (or bowling! It’s right next door!) into your summer youth camps.

Don't Forget Skating Birthday Parties!
Or with Midway Skating and Bowling Center next door to each other, make it an entire day of Family or Party Fun!