VIP School Kids

Schools that have had THREE or more skating parties at Midway Skating Center in a year can become a member of our VIP Club. Currently, if you are a student at one of the schools below, you are eligible to receive free skate rental every time you come during one of our weekend public sessions! (Sorry, does not apply to Tuesdays.)


  • Crestview Elementary School
  • Hamilton Elementary School
  • North Dickinson Elementary School

Field Trips
With budget cuts for field trips, Midway Bowling and Skating Center offer inexpensive packages with or without food included. Imagine a day where students skate for two hours and walk next door to the bowling for more fun. This day would be a memorable one for both teachers and students and it is not dependent on the weather.

Student Achievement and Attendance Rewards
Midway Bowling and Skating Center will provide free passes for those children that have earned grades that have gotten them on the honor roll or perfect attendance. Free passes are available for either the Bowling Center or Skating Center. Kids will work harder because they absolutely love bowling and skating!

Youth Programs
Keeping kids busy when not in school is a challenge. Incorporate bowling or skating (it’s right next door) into your summer youth camps.